Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are a fabric pleated shade that helps keep out the cold. They come in many colors and pleat styles. You will love these shades! You can order them with a "top down" or "bottom up" feature, cordless, or motorized for your convenience and comfort.

Wood Blinds

We proudly offer 3 5/8," 2 5/8," and 1 5/8" - 100% Bass Wood or Alder Wood blinds. These products offer a very dynamic feel to any home. Most of these horizontal wood blinds can come with decorative fabric tape over the strings and an upgraded wood valance ranging from 2.5" to 7." 


Shutters are in a class of their own. They match decor with classic style, are excellent insulators and upgrade the value of your home. The shutters that we offer are not a cheap vinyl that turns yellow or start to sag over time. Our shutters are hand-crafted here in Colorado, are all wood and have a variety of frames to choose from. They come in 2.5," 3.5" or 4.5" louver - and can be custom stained. Great way to add "curb appeal" to your home. 

Woven Wood

Made up of woven grass tweed or decorative woods. You can dress these shades up with a fabric edgbanding or overlapping valance. These shades can be ordered with a "top down" or "bottom up" option, a continuous cord loop option, or black out backing.

Fabric Horizontal Sheers

Frabric horizontal sheers are made from a sheet fabric backed with solid fabric slats in between for light control capabilities. They portray a very soft and elegant feel for a formal dining area or to provide a unique style to a room. 

Panel Tracks

Panel tracks are a great way to cover a large window or patio sliding doors. These fabrics also coordinate well with woven wood fabrics for a more sophisticated look. 

Commercial Blinds and Shades

ACB offers a variety of products for the commercial consumer. We offer 1" or 2" slated aluminum blinds. For larger windows, on a budget... vertical blinds are a very economical solution. Custom roller shades are a very popular and sleek way to decorate a commercial office or restaurant. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and are exceptionally durable. Motorization can be adapted to any size window. We also now offer high tech security film!

Majestic Cornices

ACB also offers Majestic Cornices. They can be used over various types of custom window treatements and add a decorative, finished look for your windows. Majestic Cornices come in 7 different finishes and can be ordered with or without the return. They all come with a standard dust cover. 

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