Frequently Asked Questions…

How long before I get my blinds once they have been ordered?

It can take up to three weeks depending on the product and the manufacturer as everything is made according to custom order specifications.

 What is the difference between custom and store bought blinds?

Store bought blinds are more for a “quick fix”. A custom made blind is made for your exact window specification. Store bought blinds can also only be cut ( by the width ) and typically leave an unsightly stack of blinds at the bottom.

Do the blinds that I order come installed?

Yes. Your blinds are installed by a professional installer, trained to handle any problems on the job site so that you are in no way inconvenienced.

How much do blinds cost?

Custom blinds can fit any budget. It also depends on the product selected, number of windows, size of windows and name brand.

Do my blinds come with a warranty?

Absolutely, your blinds come with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own them.

How long does a design consultation last?

Typically, one hour. Our window design consultant will demonstrate photos, samples, measure your windows, and price your custom blinds during this time frame. Of course, not all design consultations are the same. Some may take longer and some may be shorter.It all depends on how custom your order will be. Advantage Custom Blinds takes pride in our service. We will not leave until all of your questions and concerns are answered.